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Mentoring the modern African surgeon: A call to arms!


Authors: Mutebi M.C.1 MBChB, Saidi H.1,2 MBChB, MMed, FCS, FACS, Raja A.J.3 MBBS, FRCS Affiliation: 1-Aga Khan University

 Hospital, Nairobi, 2-University of Nairobi, Kenya, 3-King Khalid University, UAE. Correspondence: Dr. Miriam Mutebi, Aga Khan University Hospital. P.O. Bx 30270, Nairobi, Kenya



Surgical mentorship crosses both skilled training and the gamut of career choices and surgical decision making. The challenge also lies in the ideal mentorship balance that transcends the mere transfer of surgical skills and addresses other key components such as career development and research.