Subcutaneous Sarcoidosis in a Nigerian female

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Yakubu A.A., FWACS, Edino S.T., FWACS,* Mohammed AZ Departments of Surgery and *Pathology, Bayero University, Kano

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Dr Yakubu A. Ahmed, PMB 3452, Kano E-mail:


Sarcoidosis is relatively uncommon in indigenous black Africans, especially along the West African coast. There has not been any report of isolated cutaneous sarcoidosis from our center. We present a patient who was reviewed with an isolated ganglion-like subcutaneous swelling on the ankle region. Excision biopsy revealed a non caseating granulomatous lesion. Systemic evaluation was not remarkable and the lesion was negative for tuberculosis and fungi. The operative wound healed with the use of of a combination therapy with oral chloroquine, prednisolone, and methotrexate. We conclude that cutaneous sarcoidosis can occur in the absence of systemic disease and definitive diagnosis is by histological finding of a non caseating granuloma, when other potential causes such as tuberculosis are excluded.


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