Surgical removal of eyes in a tertiary institution in North eastern Nigeria



Authors: Olatunji F.O., Ibrahim F.U., Ayanniyi A.A., Azonobi R.I., Tukur R.B., Maji D.A. Correspondence to: Dr Fatai O Olatunji, Ophthalmology Department, University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin. P.O.Box 1003, Asunara, Ilorin. Kwara State, Nigeria, GSM: +234 803 3912 863 E-mail:




Surgical eye removal is performed for various end-stage eye diseases to provide adequate comfort, replace volume and give good functional and cosmetic appearance. The pattern of eye removal is unknown for North Eastern Nigeria.



To determine the indications for eye removal in the study community.



Records of all the patients whose eyes were removed between January 2002 and December 2008 were reviewed retrospectively. Age, sex, diagnosis and type of surgery were recorded.



A total of 67 eyes were removed during the period consisting of 46 males (68.7%). Mean age was 29.5 years (range 4 months to 90 years). Indica-tions for surgery were trauma, 26 (38.8%), infection, 21 (31.3%), anterior staphyloma, 14 (20.9%), tumor 4, (6.0%) and painful blind eye, 2 (3.0%).


Evisceration was performed in 55 (82.1%), enucleation, 11 (16.4%) and exenteration, 1 (1.5%) patient. In children (n = 28), the indications were trauma and anterior staphyloma in 10 patients (35.7%) each, tumor in 4 (14.3%), infection in 3 (10.7%) and painful blind eye (mooren's ulcer) in 1 (3.6%) of the children respectively. In adults (n = 39), indications were in-fections, 18 (46.2%), trauma, 16 (41.0%), anterior staphyloma, 4 (10.3%) and painful blind eye due to advanced glaucoma, 1 (2.6%).



Trauma, infections, and anterior staphyloma were the major indications for eye removal. Most of the indications were avoidable.


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