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Volume 2

1.      Foot complications among diabetics attending a district hospital in Kenya: Predisposing factors and possible intervention
         MM Obimbo, PK Bundi, F Collis

2.     Variations in the formation of supraclavicular brachial plexus among Kenyans
         BO Olabu, JA Ogeng'o, KO Awori, H Saidi


3.     Exposure in emergency general surgery in a time-based residency program: A call for review
        K Ojuka, H Saidi


4.     Cystic Hydatid Disease in Southern Sudan
         DK Lado


5.     The Pattern of Breast Diseases at Kenyatta National Hospital
         ES Otieno, SK Kimende, J Micheni


6.     Hydrocephalus in Africa: A surgical perspective
         N Bauman, D Poenaru


7.     Epididymal tuberculosis: Case report
        J Shavadia, A Abdallah


8.     Multiple cerebral venous sinus thrombosis: Case report
         E Mogere, DO Olunya


9.     Bilateral Panners disease in sickle cell anaemia: Case report
        TW King, HC Le Quesne, AR Norrish


10.   Inguinal hernia repair at the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi: Practice and preference discordance
         R Wasike, A Abdallah


11.    Surgical residency: A tenants view
        M Mutebi


12.    Of tissue blocks and higher anatomy: A typical day in the life of a BSc (Anatomy) student
         W Njongo, P Gatonga, B Njihia, C Masaki

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