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For over a decade now, the Annals of African Surgery has provided the largest platform for sharing Surgical knowledge among Surgeons and other healthcare workers  in Africa. We have published thousands of articles cutting across basic science, clinical research, experimental research and Surgical education, papers which have been read by Millions across the globe.

In an effort to enhance the course of sharing information and knowledge among Surgeons, we are glad to announce that we have inaugurated a new section in Annals of African Surgery, "Beyond Surgery." In this section, we will accept, review and publish submissions which do not fall under the traditional scientific categories which we publish. This aims at allowing sharing knowledge on human experiences of being a surgeon. The articles will fall under under the following categories:
a) Stories submitted by surgeons about their life in theatre, emotional experiences, struggles, pivotal moments and other experiences

b) Interview with questions answered by the Surgeons. Their life in medicine, extra medical life and their educational background.

We therefore invite you to submit such submissions to

Beyond Surgery

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