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The Annals of African surgery in an attempt to increase student participation and engagement in the journal has rolled out a student ambassador program. This will comprise undergraduate students, postgraduate surgical students and surgeons in various fields in Africa.

The program will include four undergraduate students from African medical schools (two students per school), four postgraduate students from African surgical schools (two students per school), and surgeons from all over Africa to mentor the group of students and to help coordinate the program (three surgeons to run the mentorship department).

Benefits of joining the program

  • Mentorship: as an under- or postgraduate medical student you will have the rare opportunity to be mentored by distinguished surgeons from all over Africa. The mentorship program would ideally strengthen your research and publication skills to compete in the global arena.

  • Free attendance of all the Surgical Society of Kenya’s events depending on the financial feasibility of this. In these events, you would get to interact with exquisite surgeons, network with professionals in different surgical fields and learn research and surgical skills in the pre- and post-workshop events organized. 

  • Free publication with the AAS Journal

  • Training on research through the conferences


Program Breakdown

The program will run for 12 months and will begin with the recruitment of mentors. These mentors will be sufficiently trained to ensure they deliver quality training to the mentees they will oversee. Two months later we will recruit postgraduates and undergraduates would follow thereafter.  The recruitment will be done in turns i.e., mentors first, then the postgraduate students followed by the undergraduate students thereafter. The mentorship program forms an official department in AAS, and the mentors will attend our Saturday meetings.


Major tasks for the Students

  • Sharing articles and videos from AAS with fellow students at their respective schools.

  • Encouraging fellow students publish articles with the journal. The student whose school produces the highest number of quality articles will be eligible for recognition and an award from the journal.  

  • Informing the journal on the kind of articles that are popular among the students so as to guide the journal in its call for articles.

Student Ambassador Program

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