Online First

These are accepted articles that have undergone enhancements such as addition of a cover page and

formatting for readability. This version will undergo additional copy-editing and typesetting before it is

published in its final form, but we are providing this version to give early visibility of the articles. 

1. Endovascular Treatment of Vein of Galen Malformation in Kenya, East Africa 

    Edwin Mogere  , Cecilia Munguti 

2. Double Trouble – Synchronous Primary Malignant Neoplasms: A Case Report

      Sejal Jain, Amaranathan Anandhi, Sathasivam Sureshkumar, Deepak Barathi, Bheemanathi Hanuman Srinivasan, Vikram Kate


3. Infected Bronchogenic Cyst with Mycobacterium tuberculosis as a Cause of Respiratory Distress: A Case Report

    Ezekiel Olayiwola Ogunleye, Oyebola Olubodun Adekola, Olugbenga Oluseyi Olusoji, Augustine Jeremai Olugbemi, Saheed Babatunde        Sanni

4. Giant Inflammatory Polyposis of the Rectum as a Complication of Ulcerative Colitis

     Theeran Gill, Jaikumar Nallamuthu, Shabbar Husain, Wazir Azzam, Firdaus Hayati, Ismail Sagap


5. Intraoperative Cardiac Arrest: A rare case of Anomalous Coronary Arteries in a Previously Apparently Healthy Young Man
     Dalhat Salahu, Misbahu Ahmad, Atiku Mamuda

6. Surgical management of unilateral lower limb lymphedema in combination of debulking and physiologic procedures: a case report

     Gathariki Mukami, Khainga Stanley, Aluora Kenneth, Malungo Nang’andu, Ocholla Laura, Amuti Thomas

7. Optimizing Clinical Outcomes of Acute Appendicitis  

    Cecilia Munguti, Stanley Mugambi, Abdulkarim Abdallah