Online First

These are accepted articles that have undergone enhancements such as addition of a cover page and

formatting for readability. This version will undergo additional copy-editing and typesetting before it is

published in its final form, but we are providing this version to give early visibility of the articles. 

1. Abdominal Apoplexy: Rupture of Short Gastric Artery After Retching

    Theiyallen Ambikapathi, Sentilnathan Subramaniam and Firdaus Hayati 

2. Prevalence of Os Acromiale in an Indigenous East African Population: A Computerized Tomography Scan-based Study

     Mordicai Atinga, Njalalle Baraza, Sarah Wambui , Wachira Joseph Thiong’o , Angela Atinga

3. Endovascular Treatment of Vein of Galen Malformation in Kenya, East Africa 

     Edwin Mogere  , Cecilia Munguti 

4. Chylo-lymphatic Mesenteric Cyst in a 7-Year-Old

    Divish Saxena, Dubhashi Siddharth Pramod and Bhupendra Mehra

5. Clinicians’ Compliance with Requirements on Surgical Pathology Laboratory Request Forms

     Samuel Robsam Ohayi, Mark Sunday Ezeme and Nkiruka Nonyelum Okoloagu

6. Pulmonary Hydatidosis in Children: A Different Pattern from Adults?

    Nesrine Chebil, Sondes Sahli, Fatma Fitouri, Senda Houidi, Arij Zouaoui, Yasmine Houas, Yosra Kerkeni, and Riadh Jouini