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Advertising Guidelines

  1. Advertising and sponsorship are subject to editorial oversight. AAS’s editor-in-chief reserves the right to accept and reject advertising and sponsorship proposals. If a proposal is refused for reasons outside these guidelines, the editor-in-chief will provide an explanation.

  2. AAS does not allow advertising or sponsorship to influence editorial decisions.

  3. AAS accepts advertising from medical institutions and practices.

  4. AAS accepts advertising and sponsorship from competing products.

  5. AAS accepts advertising for products and services that are of interest to users in their personal and as well as professional lives. Advertisements and sponsorship must be legal, decent and truthful and comply with the relevant laws, regulations and industry codes for the geographic area in which they appear.

  6. Sponsored content should be clearly identifiable. The nature of any commercial relationship must be transparent to our users. Advertising and sponsorship should be delivered in context. Surreptitious or subliminal advertising is not allowed.

  7. Online advertising or sponsorship should not impede users’ access to editorial content.

  8. All advertisements must clearly and prominently identify the advertiser by trademark or signature.

  9. AAS, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted advertisement or to discontinue use of any previously accepted advertisement. 

  10. In consideration of publication of an advertisement, the advertiser and the agency, jointly and severally, agree to indemnify and hold harmless AAS, its officers, agents and employees against any and all expenses (including legal fees) and losses resulting from the publication of the contents of the advertisement, including, without limitation, claims or suits for libel, violation of privacy, copyright infringement or plagiarism.

  11. AAS will not be liable for any failure to publish any advertisement accepted by Publisher; however, AAS shall use its reasonable efforts to place such advertisement in subsequent available space.

  12. In the event of nonpayment, AAS reserves the right to hold the advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable money due and payable to the publisher and disallow placement of any additional advertisements until the payment obligation is met.

  13. AAS may change this Advertising Policy at any time, but an advertisement for which the closing date occurs before the effective date of the policy change will not be subject to the new policy.

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