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Stanley Aruyaru

Dr.Stanley Aruyaru is the Medical Director Kiirua Mission Hospital and an associate Editor at Annals of African Surgery

My Story

How would you describe yourself in simple terms?
A surgeon who finds pleasure in writing, speaking, and many other things. 

How has your educational journey been so far?

It is the epitome of grace. It was through grace that I made it to high school. The Harambee from my villagers and the bursaries from the ministry of education enabled me to attain secondary education. 
It has also been a discovery journey. I learned what my interests would be. In primary school, I wanted to do anything that would see me become a 'big person in society. In secondary school, I wanted to do medicine and become a doctor. In medical school, I fell in love with surgery. In my postgraduate, I developed an interest in digestive hepatobiliary surgery. On the academic front, I am in the field of global surgery. It is an insatiable journey where reaching the peak of the hill just reveals another peak ahead. 
Education has also been a source of trust in me. Every exam passed, and every entry gained reaffirmed in me that my future is independent of the past, given my present education endeavors.​​

 How was your experience in high school and what high school did you attend?
I attended St Cyprian High School in Meru county. It was the first time I came face to face with people who did not speak my language (vernacular). There were numerous disturbances in the academic program ( student unrest and teacher strikes). Passing my KCSE reaffirmed that working hard pays. 

What kind of student were you throughout school?
I placed academics above other things. I still think I could have enjoyed playing volleyball more but I could not dare spend all those hours per week in practice. I needed to spend more time with books. I shied from extracurricular activities because of this fact. Though I did engage in those that did not need a lot of team practice. I got to provincial levels in public speaking and science congress and got a national trophy in the la