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Volume 4

1.      Anatomy teaching: Flexnerian model to contextualized vertical integration?
         H Saidi


2.     Surgery for ureteral complications of bilharziasis
         GA Maranya, AY Al-Ammary, PR Oduor


3.     Experience with Hirschsprung's Disease at a Tertiary Hospital in Kenya
         K Ongeti, H Saidi, J Ogeng'o, M Tharao


4.     Topography and distribution of ostia venae hepatica in the retrohepatic inferior vena cava
         PK Bundi, JA Ogeng'o, J Hassanali, PO Odula


5.     Thyroid cancers in nodular goitres in Northwestern Nigeria
         ST Edino, AZ Mohammed, O Ochicha, SA Malami


6.     Anatomy training for surgeons: Which way for the future?
         JA Ogeng'o


7.     Ureteric injuries following laparoscopic hysterectomy: A report of three cases
         RB Parkar, Y Patel, A Chudasama


8.     Tumour, Torsion or Trauma?
        M Nduhiu, PG Mburugu


9.     Abdominal cocoon: A case report
        KD Ojuka, L Okutoyi


10.    Local corticosteroid injections: Rational use in common orthopaedic problems
         KO Awori


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