Volume 9, Issue 1

1.     Treatment of circumcision complications in a Tertiary Institution in Tanzania
        R Nyamsogoro, A Mteta


2.     End-of-Life Decisions: Ethics, Cultural Norms, and Resource Management
        JA Adwok, MJ Minelli


3.      Audit of prophylactic antibiotic use in orthopaedic surgery in Mulago Hospital

         JWM Kigera, C Turyakira

4.     Spina Bifi da Cystica; features and early postoperative outcomes an experience in Kampala
        S Byabato, J Kiryabwire, M Galukande


5.    The morbidity and mortality of surgically treated urological patients in a tertiary centre in western Kenya
        P Musau


6.    Surgical significance of brachial arterial variants in a Kenyan population
        A Pulei, M Obimbo, K Ongeti, P Kitunguu, M Inyimili, J Ogeng'o


7.     Effects of delayed treatment on perforated peptic ulcers at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH)
        NA Nasio, H Saidi


8.    Thromboembolic and bleeding complications in patients with prosthetic heart valves at the Kenyatta National Hospital
        EW Hungu, SWO Ogendo


9.     Circumcision urethral injuries: Outcomes of surgical intervention
        GA Maranya, BJ Mwero, GM Kinyanjui


10.   Origin of thyroid arteries in a Kenyan population
        G Magoma, H Saidi, WO Kaisha


11.    Spontaneous extrusion of ventriculoperitoneal catheter through anterolateral chest wall: A case report and review of 

        J Ondari, P Oduor


12.   Degloving Penile Trauma in a 12 Year Old Boy: Case Report
        DK Kihiko


13.   Granular Cell Tumor Of The Esophagus: An Unusual Cause Of Dysphagia And Management Dilemma
        AB Ogunrombi, UU Onakpoya, BJ Olasode, OG Omoniyi-Esan


14.   Periduodenal Tuberculosis masquerading as Annular Pancreas
        K Ongeti, A Pulei, P Mandela, P Kimpiatu



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