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CT Preoperative Imaging of Esophageal Cancer: Is the Inclusion of Abdomen Necessary?

Martin Ian Kamanda

​Radiology Department, M.P. Shah Hospital

Correspondence to: Dr. Martin Kamanda, P.O Box 20685-00200, Nairobi; email:


Background: Esophageal carcinoma is the third commonest tumor in Kenya with one of the highest mortality rates. Locally, the Kenya National Cancer Treatment Protocols 2019, recommends CT chest and abdomen has the basic imaging tool. Objective: The aim of the study is to determine the necessity of including the abdomen in scanning of patients with cancer of the esophagus. Materials and methods: The sample consisted of fifty consecutive patients with esophageal cancer who underwent CT imaging. Results: Out of 50 patients 32 male patients (64%) and 18 (36%) female patients.4 patients (8%) had a CT diagnosis of upper third cancer of the esophagus while 20 patients were diagnosed with middle third cancer of the esophagus. 26 patients (52%) of the total had a CT diagnosis of lower third cancer of the esophagus Patients with middle and lower third esophagus tumours had nodal and distant metastasis to the upper abdomen. Conclusion: Preoperative CT with the inclusion of abdomen is essential for patients with middle and lower third tumours. However, none of the patients with upper third tumours had metastases to the abdomen. Further studies with a larger sample size should be done to assess the necessity of inclusion of abdomen in these patients.

Key words:Esophageal cancer, CT imaging, Diagnostic yield

Ann Afr Surg. 2019; 17(2):***


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