Giant Presternal Dermoid Cyst: An Adult Case

Lakranbi M1, Tazi N1, Sekal M2, Amarti A2, M.Smahi M1.

  1. Department Of Thoracic Surgery, University Hospital, Fes, Morocco

  2. Department Of Histopathology, University Hospital, Fes, Morocco

Correspondence to: Dr. Lakranbi Marouane, 6, Lotissement Touria ,Appartement 2, Hay Anas 3, Fes .Morocco.



Epidermal cysts are more common above the shoulder and within the face and scalp. The authors report a case of giant presternal dermoid cyst in a 25 year old man. The case illustrates that dermoid cysts can appear in atypical location. Dermoid cysts should be considered in the differential diagnosis of midsternal lesions regardless of the size and imaging characteristics.

Key Words: Dermoid cyst, Presternal chest wall, Thoracic surgery


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