Jungle Juice: Knowledge and Usage Among Kenyan Surgical Teams

Nyamai K, Mugenya GWO, Kituyi PW

Department of Anesthesia, Kenyatta National Hospital

Correspondence to: Dr. Nyamai Kituu, P.O Box 20795-00202 Nairobi. Email: nyamaikituu@yahoo.com

Background: Lidocaine Adrenaline combination (LAC) in saline (jungle juice) is used to provide peri-operative analgesia, blood conservation and separation of tissue planes. It comprises 20mls of 2% Lidocaine, 80mls of sterile saline and 0.5mls of 1:1000 Adrenaline solution, +/- hyaluronidase. This survey aimed to evaluate knowledge and safe usage of jungle juice on patients in Kenyan public hospitals. Objectives: To establish formulation, extent of usage, patterns and safety measures employed during use of jungle juice among surgical teams in Kenya. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive survey among 344 surgeons.and.66 anesthesiologists. Results: Majority (95.2%) of the respondents could not constitute the recommended jungle juice solution. Most (66.3%) had learnt about jungle juice from medical school and workmates (28.9%). About half of the anesthesiologists and 13.6% of surgeons were aware of the maximum dose of lidocaine with adrenaline. Regarding the specific antidote for severe local anesthetic toxicity and its dosage, 3.2% of surgeons and 18.2% of anesthesiologists had good awareness. Intralipid Emulsion was available in operating theaters to 3.9% of surgeons and 18.2% of anesthesiologists. Conclusions: Most of the Kenyan surgical teams had poor knowledge on the preparation and safe use of jungle juice.

Keywords: Lidocaine Adrenaline Combination, Jungle Juice, Intralipid Emulsion

Ann Afr Surg. 2015;12(2): 65-9.


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