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Anorectal malformations comprise a wide spectrum of anomalies of the anorectal system, urogenital system, sacral spine and perineal musculature (1). The extent of anomalies in these four components decides the type and severity of malformation (2). Anorectal malformations are among the most common congenital malformation seen in children (1-3). The incidence worldwide varies from 1 in 1500 to 1 in 5000(3). In one study conducted in Cape Town, the incidence is reported as 1:1740 among whites, 1:1770 among colored and 1: 2260 among blacks (4). ARMs may be classified according to the Krickenbeck’s international classification which helps to do uniform reporting and comparison in males and females (5). This is done according to the number of orifices seen in the perin