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Parasitic Rachipagus Conjoined Twins: Surgical Management and Follow-up of a Case in Kenya

Oduor PR1, Nyamai K2

  1. Department of Surgery, Faculty of Health Sciences, Egerton University

  2. Provincial General Hospital Nakuru

Correspondence to: Dr Peter Oduor P.O Box 12168-20100 Nakuru, Email:


We present the case, surgical management and follow-up, of a parasitic rachipagus conjoined twin born to a 23 year old lady. The parasitic twin had hypoplastic upper and lower limbs attached to the dorsal thoracic and lumbar region respectively with poorly developed external genitalia. At surgery, a neurovascular bundle was found attached to the parasite upper limb. The parasite was successfully excised. Subsequent follow up of the child has revealed a boy who despite the weakness of his left lower limb is able to participate in all activities of boys his age. Rachipagus conjoined twins are uncommon and literature only indicates a single report of two ca