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Prepuce transillumination: A safety tool in forceps guided circumcision

Maged Rihan, MD, MRCS

General surgery department, Faculty of medicine- Cairo university- Egypt 

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Received: 12 January 2020; Revised: 30 April 2020; Accepted: 03 May 2020; Available online: 27 May 2020


Background: Injury or even amputation of the glans or the penile shaft occurs rarely but can be a tragic circumcision-related complication. The forceps-guided technique can cause this complication due to an inability to visualize the glans before incising. This study was designed to solve this problem by transilluminating the prepuce before the incision, thus exploring whether it contains any tissue between its layers and visualizing what is being done rather than performing the procedure blindly. Methods: Forceps-guided circumcision was done on 432 males, from August 2018 to July 2019.The mean age of patients was 15.57 (1–348) days. The pulled prepuce was transilluminated, showing the prepuce and verifying that no glanular or peni