Prepuce transillumination: A safety tool in forceps guided circumcision

Maged Rihan, MD, MRCS

General surgery department, Faculty of medicine- Cairo university- Egypt 

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Background: Injury or even amputation of the glans or the penile shaft occurs rarely, but is a tragic circumcision related complication. Forceps guided technique is liable to this complication due to inability to visualize the glans before doing the incision. This study was designed; aiming to solve this problem by doing transillumination for the prepuce before doing the incision, thus exploring whether it contains any tissue between its layers and accordingly visualizing what is being done rather than performing the procedure blindly. Methods: Forceps guided circumcision was done for 432 males from August 2018 to July 2019. The mean age of them was 15.57 (1- 348) days. Transillumination through the pulled prepuce was done, illustrating the prepuce and verifying that no glanular or penile tissue is involved in the forceps lock before doing the incision. Results: The mean follow-up period was 12.45 (2-35) days. Twenty-one patients had postoperative bleeding; six patients had a hematoma. Fourteen of 21 patients were managed by a tight bandage; the remaining seven patients needed surgical exploration. None of the patients had glanular or penile injury. Conclusion: Transillumination of the prepuce as a modification for forceps guided circumcision is a protective safety step before cutting the prepuce in order to eliminate the incidence of glanular or penile injuries.


Keywords: Circumcision, Prepuce, Transillumination, Forceps, Complication 

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