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Professor Saidi; Founder of the SSK Resident’s Forum

James Waweru

University of Nairobi

Correspondence to: Dr James Waweru, P.O. Box 36153-00200, Nairobi, Kenya.



The resident’s forum is a chapter of the surgical society of Kenya formed by the associate members who are by large  surgical  residents  and  medical  officers  with interest  in  surgery.  It  is  a  platform  for  continuous surgical education and networking among the associate members. This forum has had a great impact on surgical trainees  in  the  country  for now six  years, since inception by Professor Hassan. Professor Hassan held at heart,  a  great  passion  for teaching, his love commitment  was  like  no other. Despite the  ever growing number of students both in medical school and residency, professor juggled mentoring his students with commitment amidst work and family life. This, he fulfilled faithfully when there was so much more for him to do. He championed as a premier luminary of clinical practice to hundreds of medical students and residents. His teachings represented the truth in medical practice, correcting errors and advancing towards standard practice. He became a mentor to many students in University of Nairobi medical school and residents in Nairobi and Aga Khan University.


Key words: Resident forum, Surgical society, Hassan Saidi

Ann Afr Surg. 2018;15(2):68-69


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​As any great dreamer would envision, professor saw a great  opportunity  to  mentor  more residents  far and beyond the two universities he formally lectured, after he was elected into the council of the surgical society of Kenya. He recognised the need for raising the visibility of trainee surgeons in the professional society and saw an opportunity of continued mentorship in academics and social life among the residents themselves and from senior colleagues in the society. His initial plan was to have  residents  engage  in more frequent academic discussions  and  cross-mentorship beyond the single annual  conference  of  the  surgical society of Kenya. Many  challenges  set  themselves ahead including resources to finance the residents meetings and mentors to facilitate the events. Professor shared his thoughts with  his  mentees  who  became very interested in participating  in  the  forum.  With the help of his colleagues  from  the  University of  Nairobi and the College of Surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) the first resident’s forum was held on 23rd  November 2013 at Arziki conference centre in Chiromo campus, University of Nairobi. The theme was hot topics in surgery’ that had vibrant participation by attending residents. With the success in  the  initial meeting professor had the dream to make the forum accessible to all. There was still a challenge  of availability of faculty members on  the weekend and busy residents on weekdays. With the determination to breach the hurdles, professor arranged with the department of surgery and  the residents  of the Aga Khan University teaching hospital for the second forum on  11th December 2014. The forum was  again very successful and the momentum had  now  begun.  The third  resident’s forum was  held on13th June  2015  at Kijabe Hospital. Professor Saidi was out of the country however the residents who were growing with enthusiasm arranged with attendance of three faculty members from Aga Khan and Kijabe hospital.The following year professor was very instrumental in organising the residents’ forum. He challenged the residents to look for sponsors themselves and run the programme. This saw the beginning of invitation of corporate sponsors into resident’s forum. The fourth resident’s forum was held in lecture theatre III in University of Nairobi on 11th June 2016. The theme was “evidence based surgical practice through research and innovation”. Professor was in attendance from the beginning to the very end and made his remarks on the future of the resident’s forum. He was impressed at the organisation done fully by residents and the increased number of resident attendees. The following year, Moi teaching and referral hospital residents hosted the resident’s forum at Noble hotel in Eldoret on 17th June 2017. Again fully organised by residents and sponsored by corporate partners. The theme was “new frontiers in surgical oncology in Kenya”. Professor requested to see the days programme and gave his apologies for the forum in Eldoret. At the moment the residents of Mater hospital in Nairobi are organising to host this 2018 resident’s forum. In this meeting another teaching hospital will be voted to host the following year and the trend will continue in legacy of Professor Saidi.

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