Professor Saidi; Founder of the SSK Resident’s Forum

James Waweru

University of Nairobi

Correspondence to: Dr James Waweru, P.O. Box 36153-00200, Nairobi, Kenya.



The resident’s forum is a chapter of the surgical society of Kenya formed by the associate members who are by large  surgical  residents  and  medical  officers  with interest  in  surgery.  It  is  a  platform  for  continuous surgical education and networking among the associate members. This forum has had a great impact on surgical trainees  in  the  country  for now six  years, since inception by Professor Hassan. Professor Hassan held at heart,  a  great  passion  for teaching, his love commitment  was  like  no other. Despite the  ever growing number of students both in medical school and residency, professor juggled mentoring his students with commitment amidst work and family life. This, he fulfilled faithfully when there was so much more for him to do. He championed as a premier luminary of clinical practice to hundreds of medical students and residents. His teachings represented the truth in medical practice, correcting errors and advancing towards standard practice. He became a mentor to many students in University of Nairobi medical school and residents in Nairobi and Aga Khan University.


Key words: Resident forum, Surgical society, Hassan Saidi

Ann Afr Surg. 2018;15(2):68-69


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