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Surgical Apgar Score Predicts Postoperative Complications in Traumatic Brain Injury

Yusufali TS, Awori M, Ojuka KD, Wekesa VD

School of Medicine, University of Nairobi

Correspondence to: Dr. Taha Yusufali, P.O Box 90379-80100, Mombasa.

Email: tahasey@yahoo.com


Background: Predicting complications in neurotrauma patients by using an effective scoring system can reduce morbidity and mortality while facilitating objective clinical decision making during recovery. Compared to existing morbidity and mortality predictive scores, the Surgical Apgar Score (SAS) is simple and effective. We carried out this study to determine the utility of SAS in predicting postoperative complications in neurotrauma patients. Methods: A prospective study was carried out at the Kenyatta National Hospital. The SAS was derived using intra-operative lowest mean arterial pressure, lowest heart rate and total blood loss for each patient. Major complications were determi