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Volume 12, Issue 2

1.    Jungle Juice: Knowledge and Usage Among Kenyan Surgical Teams

       K Nyamai, GWO Mugenya, PW Kituyi

2.    Incidence of Early Post Operative Infection after Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty at an East African Centre
       JWM Kigera, P Kimpiatu


3.   The Association Between Pitch Conditions and the Incidence of Injury in Rugby
       MJK Nyagetuba, H Saidi, J Githaiga


4.    Validation of the Ottawa Ankle Rules at a Tertiary Teaching Hospital
        *MK Tharao, P Oroko, A Abdulkarim, H Saidi


5.     Role of Rigid Endoscopic Detorsion in the Management of Sigmoid Volvulus
         M Ngeno, PB Ooko, S Seno, M Oloo, HM Topazian, RE White


6.     The Pathology of Breast Biopsies in a Sample of Nigerian Patients: Review and Analysis
        CC Nwafor, SO Keshinro


7.     Probability Sampling – A Guideline for Quantitative Health Care Research
         J Adwok


8.     Orbito-Maxillofacial Cutaneous Anthrax
         M Kamau, M Mpekethu, S Guthua, F Macigo


9.     Esophageal Replacement for Long-Gap Esophageal Atresia in a Resource-Limited Setting
         PW Saula, PT Kuremu


10.   Tension Empyema Thoracis
         PB Ooko, M Ongondi, RE White


11.     Kei Apple Plant Thorn Synovitis
         P Nyamohanga, E Oburu


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