Volume 14, Issue 2

1.     Omentoplasty in Perforated Peptic Ulcer Surgery: Is it Still the Gold Standard?
        Paul Ochieng' Odula

2.     Base Deficit as an Indicator of Significant Blunt Abdominal Trauma
         Daniel Kinyuru Ojuka, Daniel Mukhwana Nyongesa, Peter Mungai Ngugi

3.     Early Bacterial Cultures from Open Fractures – Differences Before and After Debridement
         Fred Chuma Sitati, Philip Ogutu Mosi, Joseph Cege Mwangi

4.     Profiles and Outcomes of Head Injury at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital
        Abner Nasio

5.     Post-operative Transient Hypoparathyroidism: Incidence and Risk Factors
         Jennifer S. Downs, Kerry S. Wilson, Felix Made, Francois Malherbe, Eugenio Panieri, Lydia Cairncross

6.     Prevalence of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
         Daniel Ojuka, Keith Dindi, Mark Awori

7.     Patterns and Seasonal Variations of Perforated Peptic Ulcer Disease: Experience from Ethiopia
         Abebe Bekele, Daniel Zemenfes, Seyoum Kassa, Andualem Deneke, Mulat Taye, Sahlu Wondimu

8.     Factors Associated with Intensive Care Unit Admission Refusal
         Babatunde Osinaike, Tosin Olusanya

9.     Systemic Arterial-to-Pulmonary Artery Shunt Utilization
        Awori Mark, Mohamed Ahmed Ali, Mohammed Khan Nabil

10.   Validation of the Euroscore on Cardiac Surgery Patients in Nairobi
         Awori Mark, Mehta Nikita, Mitema Fred, Mwangi Jimmy, Mjahid Hassan, Oloo Paul

11.    Management and Outcome of Testicular Torsion
         John Murithi, Abidan Mwachi, Ramadhani Abdalla, Sundeep Chavda

12.   Omental Pedicled Flap for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Sequelae
         Wamalwa Alex Okello, Nangole Ferdinand Wanjala

13.    Mountain Papaya Seeds Causing Fecal Impaction in Children
         Julie Ituku, Mathenge Nduhiu


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