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Volume 3

1.      Firearm Injuries at Selected Hospitals in Kenya
         E.K Njeru, V.M Mutiso, H Saidi, K Makanyengo, J.N Gakuru


2.      Skills upgrading for newly qualified surgeon: Is the district hospital in Kenya suitable?
          D Ojuka


3.      Pattern of road traffic fatalities in Nairobi
          M.P Okemwa, E.A Rogena, F Rana, D.G Gatei


4.     Oesophageal cancer and experience with endoscopic stent intubation at St. Mary's Hospital, Nairobi
         A.K Ndonga, M.R Rucha, R Oigara


5.      Acalculous cholecystitis in malaria: Complication or accomplice?
          A Sokwala, H Kamraan, A Abdallah


6.     Breast tuberculosis in outpatient practice: Case reports
         B.M Ndungu, M.K Tharao, J.W Githaiga, K Radia


7.     Obstructive right paraduodenal hernia: A case report
         R.O Abdalla, C Mungatana


8.     Breast self examination and breast cancer: Knowledge and practice among female medical students in a Kenyan university
        S.M Kimani, E Muthumbi


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