Volume 5

1.      Editorial: Surgical Audit
         S.W.O Ogendo


2.     Pattern of Extracranial Peripheral Aneurysm at a Referral Hospital in Kenya
        J.A Ogeng'o, B.O Olabu, J Ogeng'o


3.    Patterns of Injuries After Road Traffic Crashes Involving Bodabodas
        J.W.M Kigera, E.K Naddumba


4.    Safety of thyroidectomy at a rural district hospital in Kenya
        D.K Ojuka


5.    Breast cancer Molecular subtypes and their clinicopathological characteristics amongst patients at the Aga Khan University 

        hospital (Nairobi)
        S.M Gakinya, S Sayed, R Chauhan


6.    Redisplacement Rates after Reduction and Cast Immobilization of Isolated Distal Radial Fractures
        D Ojuka, J Ating'a


7.    Evaluation of POSSUM and P-POSSUM as predictors of mortality and morbidity in patients undergoing laparotomy at a referral

        hospital in Nairobi, Kenya
        M.M Kimani, J.N Kiiru, M.M Matu, T Chokwe, H Saidi


8.    Post-Anastomotic Enterocutaneous Fistulas: Associated Factors and Spontaneous Closure at a Tertiary Centre in Western Kenya
        P Musau, G Jumbi, P Parklea


9.    Severe necrotizing infection of the perineum: beyond necrosectomy
        M Abdihakin, H Saidi


10.   Sigmoid volvulus in pregnancy
         W.O Kaisha, C Bitta


11.     Adenocarcinoma of the Colon in a 10-year-old child
         M.M Siboe, R.O Abdalla, K.C Lakati, P Oduor, M.M Siboe


12.    Subcutaneous Sarcoidosis in a Nigerian female
         A.A Yakubu, S.T Edino, A.Z Mohammed, A Yakubu


13.    Calicovesicostomy for ureteropelvic junction obstruction in a solitary ectopic pelvic kidney
          S.K Chavda, R Nayyar, P Singh, N.P Gupta, G Narmada



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