Volume 8

1.     Dismal salvage of testicular torsion: A call to action!
       GA Maranya, BJ Mwero, GM Kinyanjui, AY Al-Ammary, HM Maganga


2.    Burns injuries among in-patients at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret, Kenya
        LK Lelei, AK Chebor, HR Mwangi


3.    Tension band wiring fixation is associated with good functional outcome after olecranon fractures at a Togo Hospital
        Anani A, Akouété B, Yaovi Edem J, Ekoué D, Atsi W, Assang D

4.    Prevalence of HIV/AIDS among Breast Cancer Patients and the associated Clinico-pathological features
        J Sseggwanyi, M Galukande, J Fualal, J Jombwe


5.    Pattern of Innervation of the Upper Gluteus Maximus Muscle: Implication in Prosthetic Hip Dislocation
        KO Awori, N Anne, AA Pulei, G Gikenye


6.    Neurofibromatosis type 1: Surgical Perspectives
        PM Nthumba, PI Juma


7.     Titanium Elastic Nails Successfully Splint Subsequent Femoral Fractures in a Child with Osteogenesis Imperfecta
         MB L Lutomia, KC Lakati


8.     Surgeon Administered Regional Anaesthetic Blocks For Hand Surgery In Resource Limited Areas
        JWM Kigera, R Schenck


9.     Isolated Mesenteric Vascular Injury Due to Seatbelt Trauma
         EN Muguku, BR Ombito


10.   Left pancreatectomy for primary hydatid cyst of the body of pancreas
         A Makni, F Chebb, J Jouini, M Kacem, ZS Ben


11.    Lithopedion Causing Intestinal Obstruction
        B Riogi, K Odhiambo, O Ogutu


12.    Major upper limb amputation after Snake Bite Gangrene
         A Ajibade, JO Donwa, OT Akinniyi, AM Tukur


13.    Non-functioning Kidneys in Excretory Urography: Caution is the word!
          AA Ajape, M Kura, AG Ibrahim


14.    Acute Sigmoid Volvulus Treated with Subtotal Colectomy and Primary Anastomosis
         MA Adeyanju



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