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Ninth International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication

The Annals of African Surgery had the pleasure of attending the Ninth Peer Review Congress in 2022, which took place in Chicago, Illinois, from September 8th to 10th.

The Congress includes a broad spectrum of academic fields, such as biomedicine, health and life sciences, applied sciences, fundamental sciences, physical and chemical sciences, mathematics, computer sciences, engineering, economics, and social sciences, as well as newly emerging fields. Its primary goal is to promote peer-reviewed, scientifically-validated research in order to build a solid evidence base for scientists to use to conduct, report, and disseminate better scientific research.

Three days of presentations on brand-new peer review research as well as on all facets of scientific publication, bias, reporting quality, and information access and dissemination were held during the Ninth Peer Review Congress.

The first day's presentations covered Pandemic Science, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Authorship, Contributorship, and Misconduct, as well as Editorial and Peer Review Models. On the second day, presentations on Author and Peer Reviewer Guidance and Training, Peer Review, Dissemination of Clinical Trial Findings, Grant Review, and Funded Research were made while the third day featured presentations on Data Sharing and Access, Preprints, Open Science, Reproducibility, and Post publication, Peer Review, social media and Citations.

The Annals of African Surgery represented by Dr. James Kigera (Editor in chief), Dr. Ernest Kimani (Assistant editor) and Vincent Kipkorir made two presentations.

The first one was on the Utility of Machine Learning in Predicting Success of a Peer Review Paper from Peer Reviewer Scores where the objective of the study was to investigate the utility of machine learning (ML) algorithms in predicting the likelihood of publication of a manuscript from peer reviewer scores while the second one was about Authors' General Experiences with Submitting Manuscripts and With Submission Prefill to A Manuscript Submission System for The Annals of African Surgery.

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