Schistosoma Mansoni Proctocolitis with Polyposis

Fridah Bosire, Ian Orwa, Michael Mwachiro, Robert Parker, Russell White Tenwek Hospital

Correspondence to: Dr. Fridah Bosire, P.O. Box 39 Bomet, Kenya.



Schistosoma proctocolitis is a rare disease entity, with limited literature on its occurrence. We report the case of a 17 year old male from an endemic area around Lake Victoria, Western Kenya, where detailed disease mapping of Schistosomiasis has been carried out. The patient presented with a seven year history of a protruding rectal mass and occasional hematochezia. Colonoscopy revealed multiple polyps involving the entire colon to the anus, and pathology showed inflammatory polyps secondary to Schistosoma mansoni. He was successfully managed with medical therapy.

Key words: Schistosomiasis, Helminthiasis, Neglected Diseases, Colonoscopy, Colonic Polyps Ann Afr Surg. 2018; 15(2):81-85


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