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Volume 11, Issue 2

1.     Clinical trials in Surgery
       P Mwachaka, JWM Kigera


2.     Hernia Surgery in Nyeri Provincial General Hospital, Kenya: Our 6 Year Experience
        J Waweru, M Barasa, AS Mwenda, J Mwago


3.     Feracrylum does not Reduce the Incidence of Seroma Formation after Modified Radical Mastectomy
        G Gatura, J Githaiga, W Kaisha


4.     Manual In-Line Stabilization of the Cervical Spine Increases the Rate of Difficult Oro-Tracheal Intubation in Adults – A 

         Randomized Controlled Trial
        A Adesida, I Desalu, WL Adeyemo, O Kushimo


5.     Receptor Status and Associated Clinico- Histopathological Characteristics among Women with Breast Cancer in a Ugandan

         Tertiary Hospital
         JNP Babalanda, M Galukande, JG Jombwe, JO Fualal


6.     Recurrence of Malignant Pleural Effusion Following Pleurodesis: Is There a Difference Between Use of Povidone-Iodine or      

         AB Ogunrombi, UU Onakpoya, U Ekrikpo, AS Aderibigbe, OA Aladesuru


7.     Early Experience with Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy in Nairobi, Kenya
        ES Otieno, KK Mutal


8.     Stratified Outcome Evaluation of Peritonitis
         B Wabwire, H Saidi


9.     Upper Gastrointestinal Disease in Nairobi and Nakuru Counties, Kenya; A Two Year Comparative Endoscopy Study
         W Makanga, A Nyaoncha


10.   Laparoscopic Bladder -Conserving Surgery: Case Series
        A Kahie, M Al-Sharef, M Conradie


11.    The Ileosigmoid Knot: A Case Report
        W Adili, JM Mutua, BM Nanabhai


12.   Giant Presternal Dermoid Cyst: An Adult Case
        M Lakranbi, N Tazi, M Sekal, A Amarti, M Smahi


13.   Cordylobia Anthropophaga: Furuncular Myiasis in a Family of 3
        L Mayabi, M Badawy, A Abdallah


14.   Isolated Displaced Fracture of the Lesser Tuberosity
        E Oburu, J John


15.   Parasitic Rachipagus Conjoined Twins: Surgical Management and Follow-up of a Case in Kenya
        PR Oduor, K Nyamal


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