Volume 6

1.     Assessment of Sharp Injuries among Cameroonian Dental Professionals
       MA Agbor, CC Azodo, Agbor Michael Ashu


2.     Acute Non-Traumatic Abdominal Pain in Childhood at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya
        EM Nyaga, JM Ndungu


3.    Factors Influencing Research Activity among Medical Students at University of Nairobi
       JA Ogeng'o, PM Mwachaka, PK Bundi


4.   Osgood Schlatter disease: An Audit Profile of 35 Adolescents
       VM Kireti, JE Atinga, VM Kireti


5.   Who Wants to be a Surgeon? A Survey of Medical Students at the University of Nairobi, Kenya
       PM Mwachaka, E Mbugua, H Saidi


6.   Pediatric Burns at The Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital, Nakuru, Kenya
       PR Oduor


7.   Topography of The Posterior Communicating Artery in a Kenyan Population
       S Sinkeet, J Ogeng'o, H Saidi, K Awori, Simeon Sinkeet


8.   Combination Drug Therapy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
       JS Oliech


9.   Unusual Bones Articulating With the Pelvic Girdle

       FMT Otsyeno, JEO Atinga

10.  Osteosarcoma to the left Heart
        BM Gitura, M Mungania, WJ Okumu, AM Musibi, JG Gatura


11.   Unusual Renal Tumors;  A Report of Four Cases
        Punit Tiwari, Astha Tripathi, Suresh Kumar, Pramod Sharma, Amit Goel, Dipankar Gayen, MK Bera, AK Kundu


12.   Fetus in Fetu: A Case Report and Review of Literature
        A Wobenjo, F Osawa



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