Volume 7

1.    Addressing the challenges of practicing breast cytology in a tertiary teaching hospital in Kenya
      N Kumar, S Sayed, Z Moloo, R Chauhan, R Wasike


2.    Mentoring the modern African surgeon: A call to arms!
        MC Mutebi, H Saidi, AJ Raja


3.    Morphology of the Sacral Hiatus in an African Population; Implications for Caudal Epidural Injections
       BN Njihia, KO Awori, G Gikenye


4.    Surgical removal of eyes in a tertiary institution in North eastern Nigeria
        FO Olatunji, FU Ibrahim, AA Ayanniyi, RI Azonobi, RB Tukur, DA Maji


5.    Evaluating Low Back Pain Patients for Prolapsed Interverbral Disc in a Kenyan Teaching Hospital
       J Ogeng'o, K Ongeti


6.    An Outreach Experience With Cleft Lip/Palate Surgery in selected Hospitals in Kenya
        N Wanjala, S Khainga


7.    Cameroonian Dentists' Opinion On Training And Quality Of Dental Services Rendered By Dental Auxiliaries
       MA Agbor, CC Azodo


8.    Clinical Outcomes of Colorectal Cancer in Kenya
        H Saidi, M Abdihakin, B Njihia, G Jumba, G Kiarie, J Githaiga, NO Abinya


9.     Gastrointestinal Choriocarcinoma: Case Report
         PO Okiro, RO Oigara, AK Ndonga, AK Gachii


10.   Posterior Hip Dislocation with Ipsilateral Femoral Neck Fracture: Case Report
        JWM Kigera


11.     Intra-myocardial Bullet causing heart block in a patient with multiple gunshot wounds: Case Report
         WA Odhiambo, SW Guthua, J Munene, C Kariuki, PW Thanga


12.    Diffuse Cavernous Haemangioma of the Rectum: Case Report
         M Abdihakim


13.    Spontaneous Intra-Peritoneal Urinary Bladder Rupture Complicating Benign Prostate Hyperplasia: Case Report
         AA Ajape, AY Abdulkadir, AL Babata, OAM Adesiyun


14.    Awake nasotracheal fiber-optic intubation in a patient with severe gunshot injury to the face: Case Report
         JG Kabugi


15.     Lithopedion with seven years of evolution: Case Report
          K Warfa, WP Konya



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