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Call for Editorials

The Annals of African Surgery is a publication that aims to provide a medium for the exchange of current information between surgeons in the African region. The journal helps surgeons in the region keep abreast of developing surgical innovations. The journal is listed on African Journals Online (AJOL), Hinari, SCOPUS, EMBASE, Asian Digital Library (ADL) and Directorate of Open Access Journal (DOAJ).

The journal publishes an editorial with every issue. The editorials are on various topical issues in surgery especially as relates to the continent. In this regard, the journal seeks to invite surgeons in the various surgical fields to contribute to the journal through submission of editorials for our issues. The ideal authors will be senior surgeons with at least five (5) years since commencement at the consultant/attending level.

While contributing to science, authors also benefit by gaining recognition and prestige within Africa and across the globe.

Authors from all African countries are encouraged to apply. Interested persons should send an email expressing their interest in submitting editorials.

Dr. James Kigera


Annals of African Surgery

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