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Zoe Mullan, Editor of the Lancet Global Health, visits AAS

The Annals of African surgery was privileged to host its second Elsevier Foundation “Publishers Without Borders” (PwB) volunteer, Zoe Mullan, as part of the initiative by the African Journal Partnership Program (AJPP) to link developing African journals with experienced volunteers.

Zoe, an Editor at the Lancet Global health, took part in activities of the journal during her stay ( 28th February to 9th of March) while also providing valuable critique and expertise. She shared with the editorial team the need to have the journal indexed and reviewed applications that had been made for the same. From the previous applications, she guided the team in developing a checklist to ensure the journal had met all the requirements. This included hosting calls with editors from other journals to provide further direction. Zoe also led discussions on the journal’s revenue generation and various business models being suggested to ensure self sustenance.

The editorial team was also privileged to attend the Africa Health Agenda International conference (March 7th – 9th) where Zoe coordinated a publishing skills workshop in conjunction with Ylann Schemm, Program Director of the Elsevier Foundation.

From left: Zoe Mullan, EIC Prof. Hassan Saidi and Elsevier Foundation Program Director Ylann Schemm

The AAS editorial team gave the guests a treat of Kenyan cuisine to mark the end of the visit.

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