1. Island Singapore Flap Vaginoplasty of Two Adult Cases of Mayer– Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser Syndrome Type I

      Alex Okello Wamalwa, Stanely Ominde Khainga

2. Schistosoma Mansoni Proctocolitis with Polyposis

      Fridah Bosire, Ian Orwa, Michael Mwachiro, Robert Parker, Russell White

3. Mountain Papaya Seeds Causing Fecal Impaction in Children

      Julie Ituku, Mathenge Nduhiu

4. Perineal Ectopic Testis in an Adult

     Gilbert Maranya, Bernard Mwero

5. Plummer-Vinson Syndrome with Improvement After Iron Repletion

     Valerian Mwenda, Jackson Njuguna, Ancent Nzioka

6. Orbito-Maxillofacial Cutaneous Anthrax

      Kamau M, Mpekethu M, Guthua S, Macigo F

7. Reconstruction of Complex Post-Traumatic Perineal/Pelvic Defects Using a Pedicled Anterolateral Thigh Flap in a Child

      Nthumba P, Hansen E, Jami M, Muchiri A, Nyoro P

8. Massive Cervico-Lingual Cystic Hygroma

     Odhiambo WA, Karega A, Kalisa L, Dimba E

9. Cordylobia Anthropophaga: Furuncular Myiasis in a Family of 3

      Mayabi L, Badawy M, Abdallah A

10. Parasitic Rachipagus Conjoined Twins: Surgical Management and Follow-up of a Case in Kenya

        Oduor PR, Nyamai K

11. The ‘Vanishing Breast’: An Unusual Presentation of Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma

        Mwenda AS, Ilkul JH

12. Degloving Penile Trauma In A 12 Year Old Boy: Case Report

        Kihiko DK

13. Lithopedion Causing Intestinal Obstruction

        Riogi B, Odhiambo K, Ogutu O 

14. Unusual Bones Articulating With the Pelvic Girdle

        Otsyeno FM,  Atinga JEO

15. Fetus in Fetu: A Case Report and Review of Literature

        Wobenjo A, Osawa F

16. Severe Necrotizing infection of the Perineum: Beyond Necrosectomy

        Abdihakin M, Saidi H

17. Abdominal cocoon: A case report

        D. Ojuka, L. Okutoyi


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